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Kenya Build 2008



In 2008 phase two of the project at cheryls took place.This was the building of a new boys dormitory which would have eight rooms,toilets and shower facilities, along with three further classrooms.

Again the project commenced in early February with the buildings being brought to ring beam level by local labour.In June a group of 13 Kenya Build volunteers moved on site and in the week they were there the roofs were put on ,the windows were fitted and the plastering,electrical and plumbing were started.

Also an extra classroom was started and was ready for roofing.This would leave them with a total of six new classrooms

The dormitory and classrooms were completed in mid August.All the work to completion wascarried out by local labour and the project was funded by money raised by Kenya Build volunteers.




Also in 2008 Kenya Build funded the building of a new boys dormiyory at St Pauls.The dormitory was needed to accommodate the increasing number of boys being sent to the orphanage.The new dormitory would accommodate sixteen boys.The majority of the work was carried out by local labour.The volunteers painted the dormitory along with paint all the exterior of the orphanage and painting murals on the walls.