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Kenya Build 2011

In late June and early July Kenya Build brought a group of volunteers to Cheryl’s Children’s Home to carry out much needed re-decoration and to complete the decoration and fitting out of the final classroom.  Kenya Build also completed a new security hut at the orphanage; the work was carried out by local labour. The security hut is an important part of the orphanage to ensure that the children are safe at all times.

Also during the stay some of the volunteers spent time in the classrooms helping out with the teaching of the children, giving computer lessons, music lessons and job seeking skills.

As part of the trip the volunteers were brought to visit a dumpsite where many street children go to scavenge for food.  On the site we found a little boy aged 10 called Malik who was very sick.  Part of his intestines was protruding from his stomach as a result of an accident.   We brought him to the local hospital, got him treated and he is now living at Cheryl’s.