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Kenya Build 2012

The project in 2012 involved the construction of two new classes at Dream Childrens Home.  Dream Children’s Home is home to 49 children of whom 26 are boys and 23 are girls.  The home was founded and is managed by a lady called Rachel Gichia.(in fact three extra children were taken in during the week we were there, twin brothers and their older sister, they were being beaten by their parents and not being fed so their granny asked Rachel to take them in ).  These classrooms will be completed in time for the start of the new school term in September.  The group had more time for interaction with the children at the home as a lot of the work was carried out by local labour funded by Kenya Build.

As part of the trip the volunteers were brought to Kibera (population 1.6 million in 100 square kilometres).  This was so the volunteers could see and hear first hand what the background to many of the children was.  They also visited a dumpsite which again is where some of the children come, while there they saw a mother giving her 2 year old child the “glue bottle” to stop it crying. The people there scavenge for food in the waste and sleep under the cardboard or in a plastic bag.

The group visited St Pauls Orphanage which is one of the orphanages at which Kenya Build has done work over the last few years, there they saw a little baby girl just 10 days old who was born premature, unwanted by her mother, put in a paper bag and thrown in the bin. She was lucky to be found and is now three weeks old and doing well.  There was also a little girl of 3 there who had been raped by her father. It must be remembered that the children that are rescued and brought to the orphanages are the lucky ones, they are well cared for, fed and educated. We met a lady in the slum of Matasia with three small children who had not been able to feed the children in 3 days, living in a shack about 4m x 4m with a mud floor, her goat living in the same room, the water flows through the shack when the rains come.