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Kenya Build 2014

In June /early July Kenya Build returned to “Dream Childrens Home” with a group of volunteers.  The project involved the building of two new classrooms and the re-decorating of the two already completed by Kenya Build in 2012.  During the week the volunteers were there, the blockwork was completed and the main columns and ring beam were cast in preparation for the roof.It is planned to have the classrooms completed in time for the commencement of the new school year in January.

The preparatory work on the project i.e. excavation for foundations, concreting foundations, building walls to floor level and concreting floors was carried out by local labour and paid for by Kenya Build.  The work to completion will also be carried out by local labour and paid for by Kenya Build.

During the week the volunteers also visited Kibera(the largest slum in Africa)and Matasia a small local slum where some of the children in the orphanage come from.  The volunteers also spent time with the children in the school and visited Cheryls Childrens home and school which was totally re-built by Kenya Build.   They also visited St Pauls Childrens home and Shalom Acadamy a school built by Kenya Build.