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One of the truly great things about volunteering is that it does not matter how old or young you are or how skilled or unskilled, you will find that you will have a life changing experience. You will most likely find a new side to your character that will stay with you forever.

There are many worthy projects in the developing world that need assistance but there are few opportunities for short term volunteers, perhaps inexperienced in development work to contribute their skills and enthusiasm. There are many people in the developed world who would like to do short term work in the third world. They want to be there, see what life is like, make a contribution and have a life changing experience.

The work we do is mainly construction related but you do not have to have a construction background in order to take part and places are open to both male and female volunteers. Around 60% of Kenya Build volunteers do not have a construction background. The work normally takes place in the last two weeks in June or early July and lasts for approximately ten days. You will generally be working at an orphanage. It will take a lot of commitment and hard work. It will give you a unique view of the life, culture and problems of the people you will be helping.

Participation fee.

You will be expected to fundraise in order take part in the project, the amount to be raised varies from year to year. The money raised covers your accommodation. flights, food, insurance and materials.



Your accommodation will be very basic compared to home but will be good compared to third world standards.



Our projects normally involve the building or re-construction of schools, orphanages and homes for socially disadvantaged children.


So if you are over 18 ,willing to fundraise and are able to give approximately 10 days of your time to become a volunteer please get in contact.